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4 Reasons Why Your True Self Matters

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Understanding who you are is a big deal. It takes time and effort to really get to grips with yourself. Yet, the most important thing you’ll ever learn is who you really are at the root and core of your being.

While this can be a strange and uncomfortable process to undertake, it’s an essential one. When you really understand your true self, you’re more likely to speak and act authentically. Who you are when centre stage and when nobody’s around will be the same person. Everything you say and do reflects who you are deep down on the inside of your very being.

Being in alignment with your true nature makes life feel easier.

Everything seems to flow with ease. You’ll have a strong sense of peace inside. Deciding what to focus on to create the best life will become second nature.

To begin seeking a greater understanding of your true self, it’s important to understand why the concept of the true self matters.

Reason 1: You’re more likely to act in a way that won’t leave you feeling guilty or conflicted afterward.

Being in tune with your true self means you understand who you really are within every fibre of your being. Within your true self lies your values, beliefs, opinions, and feelings about a variety of topics.

Understanding who you really are means your thoughts and behaviour directly correspond with your essence. Have you ever acted in a way that made you uncomfortable because you felt like you ‘should’ act that way to fit in? Afterwards, you probably felt guilty or conflicted about why you chose to act that way in the moment. Being in tune with your true self is important since it helps guide your actions.

Reason 2: People you meet will see you for who you are and understand you up-front.

The concept of true self is vital for everyone. It shows others how you really feel and who you are. When you’re able to connect with your own true self, your actions and words are more likely to align with those values you hold closest to yourself.

Having that kind of connection to your true self shows through your actions and words. When other people see how you act and speak, they’ll get a direct representation of who you truly are at your core. This can minimize misunderstandings and unrealistic expectations from others. It naturally develops boundaries - when others see your true self, they can develop a better sense of what makes you comfortable or uncomfortable. And people feel safe around you because they sense there’s nothing hidden or false about you. Which means they’re more likely to reveal their true nature too.

Reason 3: You can better detect when something isn’t right and hear your intuition more clearly.

Even folks who have a deep connection to their true selves may be tempted to put on the mask of their ‘false self’ occasionally. It’s normal human behavior to feel like we must change our actions or words to please someone else. Especially if as a young child you were surrounded by adults who shut down your true sparkling nature, among a variety of other reasons. However, having that deep connection to your true self also keeps you in tune with your intuition.

If your connection to your intuition is strong, you’ll instantly notice a shift when you feel tempted to go against your true nature in the way you think, act or speak. This energetic shift that you feel is your intuition waving a red flag. It’s a message telling you that you’re pulling out of alignment with who you are.

A strong connection with your intuition gives you two important gifts: the ability to follow the north star of your dreams and aspirations without self-sabotage, and an inbuilt bullshit detector that detours you around those who seek to derail you from blossoming into your best self.

Reason 4: It’s easier to focus on your goals, dreams, and aspirations.

Understanding your true self is one of the most genuine ways to determine all the things you want to accomplish in life. When you’re in tune with your true self, you know what will or won’t work for you. You’ll concentrate on what best suits your gifts, talents and personality.

When you’re setting goals or imagining where you’ll be in the future, your true self can give you a glimpse of what that journey would realistically look like for you. It’s the foundation for building the life of your dreams.

Journal Questions for You:

Who or what taught you to hide who you truly are?

What are the dreams or aspirations that feel closest to your heart? Why have you stopped yourself from following them?

In what ways do you attempt to ‘fit in’ with others that make you feel uncomfortable? Why are you even bothering to be ‘one of the crowd’ when they’re not your ‘soul tribe’?

How would it feel to drop the false persona and reveal your true self to the world?

Remember: the most beautiful gift you can give yourself is to be true to yourself.

“Don’t you ever let a soul in the world tell you that you can’t be exactly who you are.” ― Lady Gaga

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