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What You Focus On You Get More Of

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

What do you focus on? Are you positive or negative thinking? They say that what you focus on you get more of. I think that’s true… And so do a number of scientists.

Do You Focus on the Negative?

But what to do when you’re going through a phase of focussing on the bad? Two things:

Train Your Brain to Focus

Firstly, if you’re feeling anxious or worried, think of a colour. Any colour. Then look all around you and name every item you can see that’s the particular colour you’ve chosen. That gets your brain’s reticular activation system working. Which is a fancy way of saying it gets your brain to focus on what you want it to focus on and filter out everything else.

An Attitude of Gratitude

Secondly, think of thirty things you are grateful for right now. Can’t think of a single thing? Let’s start with you have the gift of sight, which allows you to read this post. You’re able to read, a luxury denied to many in this world. You have a place to call home. Friends to talk to. The gift of being able to access the internet to learn about anything under the sun. Food to eat. I’m sure you can add another twenty-five other things that you can be thankful for. And here’s the thing… When you start looking for what you can appreciate in your life, your brain carries on searching for the good in your life. So, you see it’s really impossible to be ‘in two minds’ about something. You’re either positive or negative thinking. But, don’t take my word about it. Try it out for yourself…

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And there’s more…

Take a look at these resources to help you to focus on the positive:

An oldie but definitely a goldie, this book is a practical, direct-action application of spiritual techniques to overcome defeat and win confidence, success and joy. Norman Vincent Peale, the father of positive thinking and one of the most widely read inspirational writers of all time, shares his famous formula of faith and optimism which millions of people have taken as their own simple and effective philosophy of living. His gentle guidance helps to eliminate defeatist attitudes, to know the power you possess and to make the best of your life. Want to buy this book? Please click on the link below: The Power Of Positive Thinking – Norman Vincent Peale:

A gem of a book, Positive Thinking will help you identify the types of negative thoughts you typically have and inspire you to reshape, reform, and recast them in a constructive light with 52 weekly exercises that only take a few minutes to complete. Get on the path to a brighter point of view! Want to buy this book? Please click on the link below: Positive Thinking: A 52-Week Journal of Profound Prompts, Inspiring Quotes, and Bold Affirmations Katherine Flannery:

You don’t have to be crazy to talk to yourself! We all talk to ourselves all of the time, usually without realising it. And most of what we tell ourselves is negative, counterproductive and damaging, preventing us from enjoying a fulfilled and successful life. Shad Helmsetter’s simple but profound techniques, based on an understanding of the processes of the human brain, have enabled thousands of people to get back in control of their lives. By learning how to talk to yourself in new ways, you will notice a dramatic improvement in all areas of your life. You will feel better and accomplish more. It will help you achieve more at work and at home, lose weight, overcome fears, stop smoking and become more confident. And it works. Buy this book! Click on the link below: What to Say When You Talk to Your Self – Shad Helmstetter:

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