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Meditation and Self-Hypnosis

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Do you use meditation or self-hypnosis? There's often confusion surrounding meditation and self-hypnosis. Are they just two different terms for the same thing? Or are they completely different?

Actually, there’s no actual cut and dried answer. There are loads of different types of meditation. Some of them are quite similar to self-hypnosis, while others certainly aren’t. Yet, both are incredible tools in their own right.

What does Meditation and Self-Hypnosis mean to you?

What do you think of when you think of meditation? Do you have visions of a yogi or monk sitting in solitude gazing at a candle, as whale song plays quietly in the background? Or does the idea of a walking meditation seem more like it, as you become aware of each step, the birds singing, the sun shining, as you move forward?

What comes to mind when you consider self-hypnosis? Maybe you think of yourself visualizing success for yourself, which may involve seeing a grand home for yourself in your mind’s eye, or a top-of-the-range sportscar, or an Oscar being placed in your hands as the audience cheers? Or perhaps you remember a stage hypnotist, who made members of the audience cluck like chickens or forget their name.

Consider these differences…

The Purpose of Meditation and Self-Hypnosis

While it’s possible to meditate with a very specific end in mind, most forms of meditation have a more general goal. This goal usually revolves around understanding the nature of the mind, mindfulness, and reducing the occurrence and influence of random or racing thoughts.

Self-hypnosis has a more specific purpose, such as quitting smoking or becoming more confident while public speaking. Self-hypnosis is used as a means of making one more open to suggestions or affirmations. Self-hypnosis can also be used to overcome phobias, change your attitude about wealth, or to lose weight.

Self-hypnosis is often utilized to find a creative solution to a problem. For example, you might want to determine the best plot twist for a novel or find a solution to a complex dilemma in your life.

Attention in Meditation and Self-Hypnosis

Meditation focuses on a fixed point or object, such as the breath, a spot on the wall, or a mantra. The goal is to hold your attention on this focal point. When your thoughts stray, and they will, the objective is to return your attention to this point. You learn about how your mind works and how to focus more effectively.

On the other hand, self-hypnosis frequently involves following a story, such as confidently navigating a social situation. The experience is the object of your focus. You lead yourself through an experience and gain benefits from that.

With self-hypnosis, you can change your normal perception and perspective. You can experience something that might not be available to you in everyday life.

Guided or Non-Guided?

Meditation can be done by oneself or it can be guided. By definition, self-hypnosis is non-guided. However, many people consider the use of hypnosis audio recordings to be self-hypnosis. The use of a live hypnotherapist would not be self-hypnosis, although a hypnotherapist may well make up an audio recording specific to your needs. There are many audio programs available to help you learn how to meditate or utilize self-hypnosis.

Both Meditation and Self-Hypnosis can bring you benefits

Meditation can be used to quiet your mind, enhance your ability to focus, and decrease the tendency to be anxious, ruminate or worry. Meditation has been around for thousands of years and is very effective.

Self-hypnosis is a more surgical tool for dealing with the challenges in your life. Whether you want to increase your confidence, stop procrastination, lose weight, quit smoking, or get over your fear of heights, self-hypnosis can be a powerful tool.

Both techniques can work very quickly, sometimes just a few weeks for some people. But others do need longer to see real benefits. If either one might be of benefit to you, why not give it a try for a few months?

Of course, you might decide to use both and see double the amazing changes in your life – and why not?

And there’s more…

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