Need a Cash Boost? Write a Love Letter to Money

Updated: Jan 12

Write a love letter to money in order to obtain a cash boost? That seems a bizarre thing to do, doesn’t it? And yet, it seems to work!

Use the Law of Attraction to Attract Money

We all have moments when we need to sort out our finances. The bills pile up and there’s more week than dosh left by Friday, the piggy bank rattles with just a penny in it, and the holiday fund is more of a someday fund. And then we complain, moan and perhaps cuss about our empty pockets.

The truth is that many of us waste money on things we don’t really need, lend it to friends who never seem to pay us back, or we simply don’t give it the care it deserves. Is it any wonder that money doesn’t want to stay with us? Let’s face it, who wants to stay with someone who doesn’t really appreciate them? No, and neither does money.

Become a Money Magnet

In order to become a money manifestation maestro, try using this Law of Attraction technique and write a love letter to money, to turn yourself into a magnet that those golden coins can’t resist! Instead of being negative about money, start to think about the ways that money has been helpful to you and all the wonderful things you would like money to bring you.

Writing a love letter to money can help you to turn your thinking around money to a more positive slant. You’ll have a more optimistic viewpoint, which in turn will open your eyes and mind to the many possibilities for making and attracting more bucks for your wallet, or bitcoin if that’s your thing. Developing an attitude of gratitude is one of the fastest ways to create a wonderful energy around you that can’t help but bring more wealth.

Write a Love Letter to Money Technique

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As they say, what you appreciate appreciates. The more you positively focus on something, the more of it you bring. If you focus on your lack of ready cash and the mounting debts – guess what you’ll receive more of. So, keep your attention on your intention, put a positive pen to paper and scribe some serious thanks to money. Do this for ten minutes a day, give it a few weeks, and watch how your finances shimmy into a new jive of abundance.

And there’s more…

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