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What’s the Root of Your Problem?

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Most people have some aspects of themselves that they would like to change, yet constantly find themselves repeating patterns of behaviour that trip them up. If this is you, how often do you dig deeply to find the root of your problem?

You have to address the issues that need to be changed. Weed out the unwanted influences. Without doing this you’ll be stuck in a cycle of trying to change but won’t make the desired progress. Denying that there’s something holding you back doesn’t make it disappear, or magically turn you into who you want to be.

You can’t change what you don’t accept. So, if you have problems accepting what you need to change, you’re going to have more problems making that change.

What’s the root of your problem with money?

If you want more money in your life and are having problems achieving that you need to dig deeper to find the root of your problem. Dig around to find something you may have missed about yourself. Do you have any long-held beliefs about money that would prevent you from attracting what you say you want in your life? Where did they originate? How did you learn to think that way?

Until those beliefs are addressed and accepted you won’t be able to attract the extra money into your life. Our thoughts, feelings and beliefs are what shape our reality. If you think you want more money in your life, but your beliefs about money don’t match what you’re thinking and feeling, it’s going to be difficult to attract it into your life.

There may be times when money will show up for you but you won’t have the steady flow that you want to achieve. Not until you accept that you have limiting beliefs about money and then change them. You see, beliefs act like a thermometer and they’re happy when you’re living within a set range. But if you suddenly have a windfall and the ‘money temperature’ is high, your subconscious beliefs around money will ensure that you act in ways to ‘rid’ yourself of the excess money.

Perhaps you’ll find yourself giving away your money to others, spending money on unnecessary items, or suddenly discover a pile of bills that need to be paid immediately. Mismanagement of money is a symptom of ‘money blocks’, as is refusing to check your bank statement! If the thought of sorting out your finances makes you feel sick, then it’s imperative to get your money blocks sorted out.

What’s the root of your problem with love?

Maybe you want to find your soul mate. But the people who keep showing up in your life lately don’t fit the bill. You’re starting to wonder if you will ever meet Mister or Mss Right. He or she must out there somewhere – right? But maybe you have beliefs about yourself that hold you back from attracting that perfect mate. Again, be brave and get to the root of your problem.

Could it be that deep down you don’t believe that you deserve a loving, supportive mate? Do you tend to attract ‘emotionally unavailable’ partners who act in ways that trigger you? Are you locked in a belief pattern that you’re supposed to suffer in relationships?

Again, you need to dig deep and search for any limiting beliefs or fears you might have about yourself and/or relationships. Until then know that the perfect relationship will come at the perfect time, but it won’t be until you have learned how to love and appreciate yourself.

The answer is within you

Remember that the answer always lies within. Resisting and denying aspects of yourself won’t get you to where you want to be in life. Only by digging out beliefs that don’t serve you well and accepting them as no longer being useful to you can you make a change in a positive direction.

But how can you actually discover what your limiting beliefs are? Firstly, the clues are around you in the problem areas of your life. Secondly, there are techniques that use a ‘forensic’ approach to peel away the layers of thoughts and ideas to discover the underlying beliefs.

What can help you?

Meridian Tapping techniques, such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or Thought Field Therapy) may help to uncover and clear obstructive thought patterns, lessen the emotional charge associated with them, and instill new and more affirmative beliefs. Other techniques include Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming, which can help you to discover how learned the unhelpful beliefs and then assist you to challenge them. Kinesiology is a great technique to uncover hidden beliefs by directly accessing the subconscious through the body using muscle testing.

To explore how you can upgrade your mind to enable you to discover a new way of being, get in touch and let’s get to the root of the problem and sow the seeds to a new you!

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